Prepared Childbirth Classes

My unique private online natural childbirth classes utilize several different birthing techniques, giving you the most comprehensive childbirth class possible. While supporting numerous couples through their birthing experience I’ve noticed that there is no one technique that works well for everyone. Instead of being stuck with one method, you will have the tools to adapt to whatever feels best for YOU and YOUR unique birthing situation.

online guided spinning babies parent class

Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Ease and comfort is possible during pregnancy and labor when you create space in your pelvis for your baby to move into the perfect position for birth. Pregnancy is more comfortable, labor progresses faster, and the laboring woman can find greater ease through the entire process. Spinning Babies® is an internationally recognized approach to pregnancy and labor that will teach you to look at labor from a different perspective. We focus on the location of the baby, instead of cervical dilation and encourage the baby to move down the pelvis in an optimal position by creating space for them to do so.

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Comfort Measures Workshop

My Comfort Measures for Labor workshop is a great class for couples that want to practice how to manage pain and be comfortable during labor and birth. This practical 2-hour labor support workshop will give you the tools needed to feel empowered throughout your labor. You’ll be able to get in some extra practice time with your partner, refreshing skills from a previous birth or to gain some additional knowledge to complement other classes taken.

Placenta Pills

Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is an amazing organ that is created to nourish your baby while they are in utero. After the birth, it has been found that it can also help nourish the mother as well as she recovers from labor and delivery. Full of minerals, vitamins, and hormones, consuming your placenta can help restore those lost after birth.

Each birth story is different, and each journey into parenthood unique.

I am here to support you in your journey as your story is written. I offer virtual group and private evidence-based and empowering natural childbirth classes; personalized, unbiased, evidence-based labor support as a birth doula; as well as placenta encapsulation services.

I have a dream...

… that you can fully experience your journey into parenthood without fear.

... that your birth partner will feel confident & effective supporting you.

… that you learn to trust your body and the process of birth.

… that you have confidence you need to care for your newborn.

… that you know your strength.


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I know a truth – and that truth is that you are STRONG and CAPABLE to give birth. My passion is that you know that about yourself, past any fears of childbirth and parenting, past any insecurities you have. You are strong – let me show you!


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