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Comfort Measures for Labor Workshop

Let me teach you

As a Doula, it's my job to help my clients be comfortable during labor.
As a teacher, it's my job to teach you, and your partner, the techniques I use to help my clients be comfortable during labor.

My Comfort Measures for Labor workshop is a great class for couples that want to practice how to manage pain and be comfortable during labor and birth. This practical 3-hour labor support workshop will give you the tools needed to feel empowered throughout your labor. You’ll be able to get in some extra practice time with your partner, refreshing skills from a previous birth or to gain some additional knowledge to complement other classes taken.

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Comfort Measures For Labor Investment: $65 (includes mom & support person)

Contact me for more information on how to use your HSA/FSA to pay for my services.

During class you will learn and practice practical techniques for pain management for labor & birth that include:

  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Attention focusing
  • Visualization
  • Positions
  • Use of a birth ball
  • Rebozo
  • and more!

This class is perfect for those who are having their second (or third, or fourth) child, or if you've already taken a full birthing class but want extra practice with hands-on comfort measures.

Upcoming Classes

6:00-8:30 pm

October 1st - Tuesday (at Willow Tree Family Center)

November 7th - Thursday (at Mother and Earth Baby Boutique)

January 9th - Thursday (at Mother and Earth Baby Boutique)

February 4th - Tuesday (at Willow Tree Family Center)