COVID-19 Statement

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone's lives upside down, and many people have, unfortunately, been physically affected by the virus.  In order to decrease the chance of spread, and stress, Mother's Heart Birthing Services offers the following statement:

  • In order to keep our staff and clients safe, Mother's Heart Birthing Services  is committed to following the CDC and local government guidelines, regulations, and recommendations regarding COVID-19
  • Instructors are fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Mother's Heart Birthing Services is dedicated to evidence-based care, which includes:
    • scientific evidence
    • healthcare provider's experience
    • the individual's personal preferences and values

Because of this, Mother's Heart Birthing Service respects that vaccinating is an individual decision and will follow recommendations per CDC for mask requirements.

When an in-person class is scheduled:

  • Prior to any in-person class, each participant will be required to fill out a "signs and symptoms" form.  Mother's Heart Birthing Services will offer easy rescheduling and no cancelation charges if there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID with any of the participants.
  • Even though the instructor is fully vaccinated, in order to respect the stressful time this pandemic has caused, the instructor will enter your home masked unless otherwise discussed
  • Because the instructor is fully vaccinated, masking in your home is your personal choice regardless of your decision to vaccinate or not