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Online Prepared Childbirth Class


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online childbirth class

Our world has been turned upside down with the pandemic.  No one was planning on having to adjust habits, plans, and expectations as much as we have had.  Especially you, as you await the birth of your little one.

One thing hasn't changed is your right to evidence-based education regarding the life-altering event you are about to experience.  Birth waits for no one and no pandemic. This is why I have created an on-demand video course for such a time as this.

When you are educated you can enter birth:

  • Fearless – Knowing how your body works takes away the fear of the unknown and allows you to trust the process your body was made for.
  • Confident – You will have the ability to trust your body and also the tools to have genuine conversations with your medical provider regardless of any situation that may arise.
  • Knowledgeable – Knowledge is power and you will have knowledge of your options and your rights before, during, and after labor.
  • Equipped – You will have the tools and techniques to be able to relax during the waves of contractions.
  • Supported – This course is created to allow for your birthing partner to gain vital tips and tricks on how to support you during your labor.

Finally, an option for birth education that combines the ease of on-demand videos, and personal zoom meetings with an instructor that is available according to your schedule.

This course includes:

  • Over 8 hours of video content that can be watched anytime, anywhere
  • Video topics include, but are not limited to Anatomy and Physiology of Birth, Stages, and Phases of Labor, Medical Interventions and How to Make Informed Choices, Cesarean Birth, Comfort Measures for Birth, Birth Positions, and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and many others.
  • Handouts, relaxation activities, and helpful learning tools.
  • INCLUDED: Guided Online Spinning Babies® Parent Class ($85 value) What's that?
  • FREE Rebozo mailed to you! ($60.00 value) What is a rebozo?
  • FREE [M]otherBoard Birth Plan App ($50.00 value) Tell me more about the App!
  • Two zoom calls with Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Spinning Babies® Parent Instructor Tammy. What does this include?
  • Access to video classes for a year
  • Facebook Group exclusively for students monitored by Tammy

My unique childbirth classes utilize several different birthing techniques, giving you the most comprehensive childbirth class possible. While supporting numerous couples through their birthing experience I’ve noticed that there is no one technique that works well for everyone. Instead of being stuck with one method, you will have the tools to adapt to whatever feels best for YOU and YOUR unique birthing situation.


Are you ready to be prepared for birth?

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I know a truth – and that truth is that you are STRONG and CAPABLE to give birth. My passion is that you know that about yourself, past any fears of childbirth and parenting, past any insecurities you have. You are strong – let me show you!


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