Private Prepared Childbirth Classes

I make sure...

that both partner and expecting mom are prepared for all that may come along, from medical issues that may arise, to different ways to relax and breath during contractions.

My unique childbirth classes utilize several different birthing techniques, giving you the most comprehensive childbirth class possible. While supporting numerous couples through their birthing experience I’ve noticed that there is no one technique that works well for everyone. Instead of being stuck with one method, you will have the tools to adapt to whatever feels best for YOU and YOUR unique birthing situation.

  • I spend time looking at interventions – and ways to discuss with your medical provider your different options and making sure that you are making an informed decision regarding your, and your baby’s, health.
  • I give you the knowledge you need so you can trust your body and the birth process and have the best chance at the birth you desire.
  • I prepare you to take your newborn home. I will help ease the new parent nerves by giving you confidence in feeding, bathing, diapering, and more!
Tammy holding baby

My private classes will prepare you for your birth, no matter your situation!

Private Prepared Childbirth Class Investment: $350 for online (zoom) $425 for In-Person classes

Three two-hour sessions:


  • Understanding your Anatomy - Empowerment Through Knowledge
  • Stages and Phases of Labor - Know What to Expect During Your Labor


  • How to Have a Successful Birth - You are Strong! Let Me Show You!
  • Comfort Measures for Labor - Tips and Tricks from a Birth Doula!


  • Medical Interventions - How to Make the Best Decision for You and Your Baby
  • Baby Care Basics - What Happens After Birth?

OPTIONAL CLASS FOUR ADD ON - $100 online, $125 in-person

  • Spinning Babies® Parent Class - Prepare Your Body for Birth

Private Prepared Childbirth Classes

Based on YOUR schedule

Private Classes Means Your Personal Questions and Concerns Will Be Addressed