Real Food for Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time where you are bombarded with lots of information and opinions.

What you can and cannot do.

What you can and cannot eat. 

And I’ve been there!

It’s frustrating, especially when you try and follow what the doctor says but you see conflicting information.

For me, I was most concerned with my eating. I wanted to make sure I was supplying my child, and myself, with the best nutrition I could during pregnancy but the diet I was recommended seemed to be lacking.

So, I took my health into my own hands and started going research and talk to some very knowledgeable friends of mind. We discovered the truth – that the Standard American Diet was not supplying me, or my pregnant clients, the nutrients we needed to help ourselves be healthy and our babies grow.

I found that what I needed was a diet rich in nutrients found in real foods and in quality fat (yes, I said fat).

I also found that a diet lacking these things could cause more complications during pregnancy and beyond.

So, how do we accomplish this diet?  Well, I finally found a book that is based on research and is an easy guide to what you should be eating (and the things you should be avoiding) to help fill your body, and your baby, with what you need to be healthy throughout your pregnancy.  Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols, talks through the details and all you need to know including all the foods that help build a healthy baby, foods to avoid, supplements, and more!

I, for one, loved this book and will keep it on my shelf for my clients to have access to and I highly recommend that you read it as well.

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