What is a Rebozo?

Rebozo 2

A rebozo is a long, woven scarf used during labor and postpartum that has traditions based in Latin America.  This isn’t just a piece of fabric, it is a sacred tradition that has been handed down from mothers to their daughters, and from midwives to their apprentices.  This fabric is used before and during labor to bring comfort, help being the baby into the ideal fetal position and after to help carry the child. My comfort measures for labor class, as well as the Spinning Babies® Parent Class uses the rebozo.

Personally, my connections to Mexico run deep as I lived there for eleven years and fell in love (and started a family) with a local.  Because of this, it is important to me that the rebozos I source out to my students come straight from Mexico to help honor the roots of this traditional fabric.

With your course, I will be sending you one of the beautiful rebozos.  During the video classes and our zoom calls, I will be teaching you how to utilize it so you can benefit from the comfort and support this tool offers.